We are pleased to be able to offer a range of Brow Treatments to both men and women, and have team members who specialise in just a few treatments, so that they don't spread their expertise too thin.

Whether you want to completely re-shape your brows, or simply keep them healthy and tidy, we can offer an option suitable for you.

Patch test required for Tinting, Bespoke Brow Design and Brow Lamination

Brow Shape and Tint
£20 (30 minutes)
Brow Lamination
£35 (60 minutes)

An enhancement on the brows which re-positions the hairs to create a fuller, fluffy brow look. It includes waxing and tinting too.

Depending on how much natural brow hair you have to work with, we can create different finishes with this treatment. Some people like the real fluffy, spikey look, whereas others will simply want a fuller but natural looking brow.

This treatment can also cover gaps and sparse areas (dependent on hair).

Brow Lamination lasts up to 6-8 weeks. The treatment cannot be performed again before 8 weeks and the brows must be nourished daily with a brow oil to keep them healthy and hydrated.

Brow Waxing
£10 (15 minutes) using strip wax
£11 (15 minutes) using non-strip wax

Basic Brow Waxing can make a huge difference to the entire face. Allow us to remove excess hair and give you a smooth clean finish to your brows.

Strip wax is where we apply a paper strip and remove the wax with the strip.

Non-strip wax is a more gentle option and good for those who have sensitive skin. We apply the wax, allow it to dry and harden, then remove the hair using just the hardened wax.

Brow Tinting
£10 (15 minutes)

A Brow tint can really enhance fine and light hairs, to create a much fuller brow with better shape. It adds colour and definition and lasts around 4 weeks (every client is different and exfoliating and sun exposure can cause the tint to fade quicker)

Lash & Brow Tint
£20 (25 minutes)

The ultimate duo to add depth and colour to your lashes and brows. Choose both together and save some pennies at the same time.

Brow Threading
£11 (15 minutes)

Brow Threading is a great alternative to waxing yet can offer the same results. Using a simple piece of strong, steralised thread, we can remove the hair in a quick and easy method with no products required. A great alternative for those who may be allergic to waxing products or who have ultra-sensitive skin.

Threading can remove the very soft downy hair too and we can create some great definition along the brow line.