We specialise in Eyelash Extensions in Plymouth and were one of the first businesses to offer Lashes in Plymouth. We are proud to have Award Winning Lash Technicians and Educators as part of our welcoming team. Using expert knowledge and advanced skills, we will thoroughly discuss a variety of options with you before the treatment begins. 

We will then carefully and professionally apply each eyelash extension, to one natural lash, to ensure your natural lashes can continue to grow freely, as they normally would.

Our team have extensive knowledge and undertake regular training to ensure your lashes will never be overloaded with extensions that are too thick and/or heavy. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you can still choose from a variety of lengths, curls, thicknesses and styles. Safe lashing is our priority and we will adapt our skills to suit your request as long as it is safe for your natural lashes.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be having a slight price increase from 4th April 2022. 

The prices below will come into effect from 4th April 2022.

Bookings made before this time, may show differently on your confirmation email, but you will be charged the price below from this date forward.

Esther Classic lashes.jpg
Full Set £46 with an Advanced Lash Stylist (90 -120 minutes)
Full Set £50 with an Educator (90 minutes)
Top-up* £28.50 (60mins)                                              
Mini Top-up* £15 (30mins) Can only be booked 1 week away from another top-up appointment.                                             

Our most popular option and the perfect option for those who aren't sure what to choose. You can always upgrade at a top-up appointment. The Classic option is where we apply 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash. This offers a more natural look in comparison to some of our other styles. 

Half Set Classic - Kiri Wilson.jpg
Classic - Taster Set/Half Set
£32 (60 minutes)
Top-up* - Not available on half sets

A little but nervous as its your first time? Perhaps you just want to see if they're for you before investing?

 The Classic option is where we apply 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash. With a half set, we will simply lash around half of your natural lashes, across the eye, to give you a less full look. Its a great way to trial them or perfect for people who want a super-natural look. We cannot offer a top-up on this option as we would normally expect clients to arrive with 50% of lashes remaining for a top-up (but this is all we are applying at the initial appointment)

Classic YY Lashes.jpg
YY Lashes
Full Set £57 (120 minutes)
Top-up* £37 (90 minutes)                                      
Mini Top-up* 28.50 (45 minutes)  Can only be booked 1 week away from another top-up appointment.                                    

The newest type of lash available and boy this is a head-turner!

These lashes are still applied in a classic method (1 extension to 1 natural lash), but the lashes are in a Y shape. The offer a messy sort of look as well as fullness and great coverage!

Hybrid TW 1.jpg
Full Set £57 (90 - 120 minutes)
Top-up* £37 (75 - 90 minutes)                           
Mini Top-up* £28.50 (45 - 60 minutes) Can only be booked 1 week away from another top-up appointment.                          

A lush mix of both Classic lashes and Russian Volume hand-made fans. The bridge the gap between our Classic and Russian Volume sets, so are fuller than Classic, but not as full as Russian Volume.

They are soft and fluffy looking and we can still create a natural look or a little more drama with this option

Russian Volume April 2019.jpg
Russian Volume
Full Set £72 (120 - 150 minutes)
Top-up* £42 (90 minutes)                                      
Mini Top-up* £32 (60 minutes)                                      

Contrary to what you may have 'seen' about Russian Volume, we do things a little differently! We hand-make our Russian Volume fans using between 2-9 ultra-lightweight lashes. Our extensive knowledge ensures we will never overload your lashes and we create fans with consistent spacing between lashes, to create flawless sets. We don't offer clumpy looking lashes and still take into consideration the health of what the natural lash can safely support.

What's more, you can still have NATURAL RUSSIAN VOLUME! This is were we would use a 2D fan (a fan with 2 lashes in). This is great for people with a small amount of natural lashes that want more coverage.

If you want a FULL LOOK, we can use up to 9 lashes in a fan 9D

Kim K Lashes.jpg
Spikey / Kim K Set
Full Set - add £10 and 30 minutes to any of the above styles
Top-up* add £5 and 15-30 minutes                                   

Our bespoke Spikey / Kim K set takes a little more time in terms of styling, and a bit more product to create the spikes. This type of set tends to only work well with clients with naturally long lashes. We need to create some dramatic changes in the lengths for this styling to work. We can assess your lashes at your patch test and consultation and discuss the best options for you.

Wedding, Holiday & Special Occasion Lashes
Prices: Same as above

You will be pleased to know that we dont charge extra for Wedding or Special Occasion lashes. However, there are a few things we like to do differently to ensure our client safety.

  • Book as far ahead as possible to secure your desired date and time - we get super busy and dont want to leave you disappointed

  • If this is your first time with us, we strongly advise you to book your full set around 2-3 weeks before the wedding, holiday or special occasion. This is because, even though you may be ok with a patch test, there is still a chance that you can react to a full set of lashes, as we are applying a lot more product with a full set.

  • The last thing we want is for you to have a reaction, immediately before your special occasion or holiday. Also, if you are travelling outside of the UK, we are going to be unable to help you and some countries are not as experienced as we are in this type of treatment.

  • Book your top-up at the same time as your full set. If you have a change of heart and no longer require the appointment, you can cancel it (we kindly ask for as much notice as possible for cancellations - at least 48hrs notice)

  • If after your full set, you would like to change your style or lash option (i.e. change from Classic to Hybrid,) please let us know as soon as you can. Some treatment options take longer than others, and therefore we may need to adjust the appointment time or make sure you are booked in with a Lash Technician that can offer that particular style.​

Lash - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will having eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

A. No, not when you have them applied by a professional and you follow our recommended aftercare advice. As we will apply each extension carefully to your natural lash, it will be able to continue to grow freely with no tugging or damage. You must remember that you will quickly get used to Eyelash Extensions, so when you no longer have them, you may feel your natural lashes are finer and or shorter. Often it is because you are used to the length, curl and thickness of the extension. 

Q. I have noticed my natural lash is attached to the eyelash extension when it falls out! Is this normal?

A. Yes! Its completely normal and this is what we expect to see. The natural lash has reached the end of its life cycle and is now shedding. Each natural lash will last for around 4-6 weeks before it sheds. As it falls out, it will take the extension with it (rather than the other way around)

Q. I am really annoyed that you wont apply longer, thicker lashes! why!?

A. We are experts in this field and still undertake regular training to keep up with the latest techniques and information. To ensure we do not cause damage to your natural lashes, it is important that we do not apply an extension that is longer than 3mm or 50% of your natural lash. Everyone's natural lashes are different, so your friend may have long and thick natural lashes and therefore we can apply longer thicker extensions (if this is what she wants). We offer free consultations and will be open about what we can and cant do, before you book your appointment. Safe lashing will also be our priority.

Q. I've had lashes done for years in various salons. Will I still need a patch test?

A. Yes. To comply with our insurance guidelines, we must patch test every new client if they have not been to us before. Not only do we patch test our clients at this appointment, we complete a very important consultation form, which will give us valuable information to ensure you are safe to have the treatment done. We also check the health of your natural lashes and it gives you a chance to ask any questions and discuss the lash style that you are looking for.