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Please find below some useful information regarding our Policies and Procedures, we well as our basic salon terms and conditions.


By using our website and our salon services, you agree that you have read and understand these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions in relation to these, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page.


All of our treatments will require a Booking Fee to be made prior to the appointment. By making a booking fee, you are securing the time and date of an appointment that has been agreed and confirmed between yourself and our salon or therapist.

This payment is taken off what you owe on the day of your treatment. Please note that all booking fee's are non-refundable, so please ensure you are 100% able to attend the appointment before making this payment.

All booking fee's are non-transferable and non-refundable, unless we can fill the appointment that you have cancelled/amending, regardless of how much notice you give to make the amendment/cancellation.

If no booking fee was taking at the time of booking your appointment, for whatever reason, and you need to cancel or amend an appointment; should that appointment not be filled, we reserve the right to request a booking fee, to avoid being left with a gap in the diary, that could have been offered to another client.

Should you provide less than 24hrs notice to cancel or amend an appointment, or fail to attend an appointment you have booked, you will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment before you can rebook an appointment with us.

By making ANY booking and/or payment, you agree to these terms and conditions. When booking online, you will be required to tick a box to say you confirm you have read and agree to these T's & C's. When booking directly through the salon, you will be given a link to make a Bank Transfer for the booking fee, and these T's & C's are written on that page, for you to read through BEFORE making any payment.


We operate a 'No Children Policy' at our salon.

We love children and most of us here are mums ourselves, but we simply do not have the facilities to care for them and we regret that we cannot guarantee their safety in a professional environment. We also do not want to compromise the relaxation of other guests who may be having a quiet and relaxing treatment. We want to ensure you can fully relax during your visit, so leave the little ones at home and enjoy a little 'me time'

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.



Therefore, we kindly ask you not to enter the salon until your appointment time.

This also means we kindly ask you to attend your appointments alone; no children/friends/partners are able to accompany you during any appointments for the foreseeable future, unless you need a Chaperone. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Should you need a Chaperone, please let us know and we will be happy to help with this to make your visit as smooth as possible.



  • Due to no longer having a waiting area, we kindly request that you attend your appointments alone, unless you need a Chaperone. You will not be able to bring your children/child to wait within the salon during your appointment. If you require a Chaperone, please contact us to discuss how we can support you with this.

  • We kindly ask you not to enter the salon until your appointment time, due to no waiting area.

  • We BEG you NOT to slam the door. It closes very quickly, so please take care and close it gently to avoid disturbing other clients who are enjoying a quiet treatment.

  • We accept all forms of payment including Cash, Card, ApplePay and Bank Transfer. Bank Transfer payments will need to be sent before leaving the salon. 

  • If you are attending a patch test for lash extensions, please try and arrive with no mascara, as we will be applying some adhesive to your natural lashes. This also allows us to assess your natural lashes to give you the best consultation possible.

  • You understand that by having a patch test for Lash Extensions, there is still a chance a reaction can occur when undertaking the main treatment as more of the product is applied at the full set. Most people who are going to react, will react at a patch test, however, reactions can also occur at any time and so there is always a risk that your body may become intollerant to Lash Adhesive. We will always patch test new clients at least 48hours before any treatment and recommend clients re-book one if they have not seen us for over 6 months, or if there have been any changes to your hormones or if you have become allergic or senstive to anything.

  • If you are booking a Lash Extensions for a Wedding or special occasion, we strongly recommend booking your first appointment 2-3 weeks before the big day. This is because, even if you are ok with a patch test, there is still a chance you can react to a full set of lashes. Therefore, we advise having your first treatment with us, 2-3 weeks beforehand to rule out the chances of you incurring a reaction before the main event. A top-up can then be booked just before the big day, to ensure they are looking lovely and full again.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any client for an appointment/treatment if we believe that you are unwell, are rude, abusive or if you do not follow our policies and procedures. We welcome kind and courteous clients and in return will provide a warm and friendly welcome with a professional treatment and relaxed environment.

  • As our team are self employed, they set their own prices. Therefore some prices for each therapist/technician, may vary slightly to those advertised on our website. Online booking prices reflect current and up to date prices for each therapist/technician. 



We operate with high standards in terms of cleanliness, procedures and treatments. All of our team are self employed and fully qualified in the treatment they are offering (unless advertised as training in a new treatment). Some team members may book out different times to one another, but this will in no way affect the quality of the treatment you will receive. We pride ourselves on providing the very best services we can, to all of our valued clients.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Therapist or with our Salon Owner, Tania Withers, if you have any questions about your visit. We will be happy to help.


When you attend your first appointment with LBT, you will be required to complete a consultation form. The main reason for this is so that we can safely carry out your treatment. This does mean that we need to collect some personal data from you also. We will send this via email, prior to your treatment. 

Its likely that we will need to make contact with you regarding your booked appointments, so will require permission to contact you using this data.

We will store your data to comply with our public and product liability insurance and to be able to safely continue treatments and keep records of products used, should any issues/problems/allergies arise. Paper consultation forms and data will be stored in a locked cabinet. Electronic consultation forms will be securely stored within our Ovatu booking app/system. Both options are stored so that only LBT Team Members can access them and we will not not share your data with third parties.

Your data will be stored for 7yrs to comply with our insurance policies. You can opt out at any time by writing to the Salon Owner; Tania Withers. If you decide to opt out and withdraw consent, we will no longer be able to perform treatments on you.


We pride ourselves on offering the very best standards and services we can and go above and beyond to give you an enjoyable visit, although we openly admit we are not perfect, (hey, nobody is).

Should you be unhappy with the service or treatment you have received, PLEASE get in touch directly, so we can put you in touch with the therpist that carried out your treatment. They will do their best to put things right. 

We welcome any feedback that you may have and we continually strive to improve our services where possible.

As our team are self-employed, this means they run their own businesses from Lashings of Beauty and Training organisation. Therefore, the member of staff that you dealt with, will personally deal with your feedback/complaint. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly via their Social Media pages, or via the Salon.


All we ask is that you contact us directly with as much information as possible, so that we can resolve any issues as effectively and quickly as possible.

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