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Whether you are looking for a basic Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure, or a Full set of funky Acrylic Nail Extensions, our Nail Technicians and Beauty Therapists can offer exactly what you're looking for.

Gel Polish Mani.jpg
Basic Gel Polish Manicure OR Pedicure
Fingers OR Toes - £28 including glitter (60 minutes)
Fingers AND Toes - £52 including glitter (120 minutes)
Nail Strengthening Treatment - £1 per nail or £2.50 for all nails, per treatment

Our Basic Gel Polish Manicure includes a quick nail tidy, buff and application of a high-end, long lasting Gel Polish. With a range of over 75 colours to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. We also have an incredible range of super sparkly Glitters which you can add, free of charge if you wish

Spa Find Fabulous Feet Luxury Pedicure
Fabulous Feet Pedicure - £38 (75 minutes)
Fabulous Feet AND Hydrated Hands - £70 (150 minutes)

Indulge in this luxury foot treatment... starting with a warm soak in our bubbly foot spa, it combines exfoliation & massage of the feet and lower legs to target cracked heels and dry skin. Dead sea mud will then cocoon the feet and legs to hydrate, soothe and nourish. Finished with a Gel Polish colour of your choice and glitter if you choose.

Spa Find Hydrated Hands Luxury Manicure
Hydrated Hands - £34 (75 minutes)
Hydrated Hands AND Fabulous Feet - £70 (150 minutes)
Nail Strengthening Treatment - £1 per nail or £2.50 for all nails, per treatment

This luxurious treatment targets the signs of ageing with an exfoliation of the hands and forearms. It includes a relaxing massage and application of mineral rich mud mask to tone and firm the skin. Finished with a Gel Polish of your choice and add glitter if you wish.

Sweet Sensations Deluxe Pedi.png
Sweet Sensations Deluxe Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure - £38 (75 minutes)
Nail Strengthening Treatment - £1 per nail or £2.50 for all nails, per treatment

Get your toes flip flop ready, with our Sweet Sensations refreshing Deluxe Pedicure. The treatment starts with a nourishing cutile cream, before we get those tired feet in to a warm soak in our bubbly foot spa. A handful of Sweet Sensation salts are added to provide a full sensory experience. Next up is the application of our Sweet Sensations exfoliating scrub to the feet & lower legs to target and reduce dry skin. It is infused with sweet almond oil and Shea Butter which is known for its exceptional moistursing properties. A luxurious Sweet Sensations Foot Mask is applied before sliding your toots into some little booties to cocoon the feet and lower legs to deeply hydrate, soothe and nourish. This will then be massaged in to leave your lower legs and feet feeling super smooth and soft. We finish this lovely little treat with a Gel Polish colour of your choice and glitter if you choose, along with a beautifully scented cuticle oil.

Ellie Nails.jpg
Acrylic Nail Extensions
Full Set with Gel Polish - £40 (120 minutes)
Infills with Gel Polish - £30 (90 minutes)

There may be an additional charge for Nail Art, Gems and Glitter. Please discuss this with your Nail Technician prior to your appointment. For Nail Art requests, please pop us a picture beforehand of any designs you have in mind, so our Nail Technician can book out sufficient time for you.

BIAB nails.jpg
BIAB Manicure
Plain BIAB Colour £30 (60 minutes)
BIAB with Gel Polish and/or Basic Nail Art £35 (75-90 minutes)

This is a treatment on natural nails. BIAB (Builder in a bottle) is a hard gel, that is applied similarly to a gel polish.

It dries strong and durable offering natural nails more strength without the need for extensions.

Infills will be required every 3-4 weeks to hide the regrowth of the natural nail.

Herbal Pills
Full Coverage Tips
From £40 - Includes Gel Polish and Basic Nail Art
Extreme Nail Art of Detailed Nail Art on every finger will incur additional charge.

These are a quicker alternative to Acrylic Nail Extensions but provide a similar finish and appearance. This is a Gel Enhancement system that uses UV/LED lighting to cure the tip to the nail. They can last up to 3-4 weeks, then will need to be soaked off.

The price includes Gel Polish and Basic Nail Art. For Extreme Nail Art or detailed nail art on every nail, additional prices will apply.

Please note: These are not suitable for infills. If you wish to have them on a regular basis, they will need to be soaked off and a fresh set needs to be applied. Please book a soak off treatmtment when booking a new set, if you have a grown own tips that need removing.

nail file
Acrylic Natural Overlay
£35 (90 minutes)

The application of Acrylic over Natural Nails can help offer strength and durability, whilst not extending the length. These will look natural but you can still choose a colour or nail art design if you wish.

getting mani
Professional Nail Soak Off / Removal
Gel Polish Soak Off - £7.50 - charges apply if we are removing another salons work, or if you are not having another nail treatment with us on the same day.
Free removal if we applied the colour and you are having another nail treatment with us on same day.
BIAB Removal - £15
Includes safely removing BIAB nails. Finished with a mini manicure, nail oil and hand cream
Acrylic Nail Soak Off - £15-£20
includes shape & tidy, cuticle work and nail oil
cuticle care
Nail Repair
£3 per nail
Free if nail breaks or chips within 2 days of treatment
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